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Why Choose Banister Homes?

Building Experience

Banister Homes has been in business since the company was formed in 1999.  The firm has an unlimited building license and can handle extensive residential projects, with experience in all the following areas:

  • Custom homes ranging in size

  • Large structural renovations and additions

  • LEED Certified™ homes

  • Energy Star Certified™ homes

  • Earthcraft™

  • Watersense™ homes

  • Renewable energy

  • Charlotte Historic District projects

  • Historic Tax Credit projects


Energy Efficiency and Green Building Expertise

Banister Homes built the first LEED certified home in Charlotte and has completed many third party certified green and energy efficient homes, reaching certified, Bronze, and Silver levels.  Some of the green programs and features Banister has successfully built include:

  • Energy Star for Homes™

  • LEED for Homes™

  • NC State University Solar Center Healthy Built Homes™

  • EarthCraft House™

  • Solar:  photovoltaic

  • Solar hot water

  • Passive solar

  • Rainwater collection and re-use, indoors and exterior

  • Geothermal

  • Energy Efficient Tax Credits, state and federal

  • HVAC efficiency tax credits


Local Infill Specialists

Banister Homes is in infill builder and specializes in local established neighborhoods.  The company focuses in ensuring that projects and adaptations complement and harmonize with existing homes. 


Custom Firm

As a small firm, Banister Homes has the ability to customize in order to meet the project’s specific needs and goals.  

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