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Green Building

Banister Homes is dedicated to building LEED Homes and completed the first LEED for Homes house in Charlotte.  The firm has built third-party verified certified green homes under the NC State University Solar Center Healthy Built Homes program, the EarthCraft House program, and the Energy Star for Homes program, and has a LEED Accredited Professional on staff.


Many different aspects of a home can help define the house as green, or environmentally friendly. Some of items include:

•   Solar hot water

•   Solar electricity (photovoltaic)

•   Passive solar heating

•   Solar tube natural lighting

•   Rainwater collection and usage systems

•   Salvaged wood from demolished houses

•   Energy Star appliances

•   Energy Star lighting

•   Recycled content carpets

•   Wood carpets and insulation

•   Salvaged hardwood flooring

•   Recycled content and salvaged wood countertops

•   Recycling of cardboard and drywall construction waste


Banister Homes specializes in creating custom green homes designed to meet the specifications and vision of our clients. Some of the custom features and aspects that can be included in our custom homes include: unique floor plans and architecture, rare antique fixtures, recycled wood, marble, and granite from historic estates, custom lighting, individually designed custom kitchens, elevators and other amenities to assist the physical challenged, and many more possibilities.


•   Tankless water heaters

•   Bamboo flooring and countertops

•   Blown cellulose insulation

•   Formaldehyde-free batt insulation

•   Spray foam insulation

•   Low VOC paints and finishes

•   Thermal Low-e windows

•   High-efficiency (14+ SEER) HVAC systems

•   Radiant heat systems

•   Dismantling of homes for salvage

•   Reusing construction material

  • Geothermal HVAC systems

  • LED lighting

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